Client Requirement

Create a low maintenance simple lined garden with maximum summer colour and contemporary structure.  Artificial lawn a must.

The Project

The site was handed over by the builders as a mud pit with significant groundworks required to ensure there was sufficient base for the walling, paving and artificial lawns.


The design was based on the 45 degree angle with the paving, walling and artificial lawn all working in harmony to accentuate the simple geometry.


The reduced maintenance came from the lush 40mm artificial lawn and the 2 types of porcelain paving.  Porcelain is a non absorptive product which means algae and lichens will not grow on it and cause discolouration.  The finish it gives you with the 5mm joints is first rate


Being out of the country for the winter means the client is more concerned about spring and summer colour.  There fore we were able to maximise the use of summer flowering perennials wich require limited deadheading to look their best, punctuated with structural evergreen planting which is picked up at night with the lighting.

Low Maintenance Marina Living

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