Design Services

After a detailed survey of the garden a scale drawing of your design will be produced, supported by a detailed quote for the project to enable you to evaluate everything in your own time.  Once you indicate that you wish to proceed we will create an agreement which is our commitment to you to complete the works on specific dates in line with the details given.


Design Services

Through talking to you about your home, the way you relax and entertain, the way you use your outdoor space, we seek to build a picture of what reflects you.  You can be assured that your design will be unique to you, your tastes and manageable to your available time.

What to expect

We offer a design only service or more often it forms part of the whole service that takes your thoughts and wishes, formulates them into a design which we then construct using our own skilled team.  The design can be as extensive as the whole garden or may be just a certain aspect, for planting schemes or new seating.
The design package is complete with a scale drawing, example materials and features, pictures and elevations if necessary to enable you to visualise the completed garden.  Your unique design will be supported with a detailed quote to allow clear evaluation and prioritising of all the hard and soft landscaping.

The Process

We will meet you at your house at a time to suit you.  This first meeting generally takes between 1 and 2 hours.  Through discussions about the way in which you would use the garden, current frustrations with aspects of it and your wish list we will build a list of wants and needs.  We will then review many pictures of different styles and types of schemes seeking to gauge your likes and dislikes, trigger thoughts and memories, to build a picture of who you are and what resonates with you.

Do you need to plan for the meeting?

You may feel that you don’t have any gardening knowledge but your wishes and needs for your garden are unique to you and we want to interpret that for you.

So areas to think about may include - How many people you want to accommodate, your level of entertaining, the level of maintenance you are comfortable with, the  budget, pictures of things you have seen and liked, materials you have seen, buildings you like and any screening you require.
From the first meeting we endeavour to put your mind at rest that we can and will deliver the design, the construction and the planting for your beautiful garden.  Our aim is to make the process of completing this as stress free and calm as possible.

We are passionate to ensure that the services we offer are exactly what you require and if possible exceed your expectations.  We have aligned ourselves with suppliers and

marketing to ensure...


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