The Alfresco "Diet Coke Break" Wall


Alastair Peat

Al created Alfresco in 2005 as a lifestyle business to put stripes in lawns and has watched it grow and thrive over the years to an award-winning design and construction company.  Now not able to get on the tools as much as he would like to, his reward is in watching the teams create beautiful spaces.


Outside of work, family time sometimes allows for a bit of tennis, golf and triathlon training.


“My day to day rewards have shifted from the hands-on creation of gardens to building a team who thrive in the environment we are lucky to work in.  Great projects for lovely customers”


Hugh Sansom

Hugh has worn an Alfresco Shirt since 2006.  Now a team leader, Hugh underlines the values and commitment we strive to achieve.


Now a proud house owner, he hasn’t lost his passion for travel and outdoor sports when time allows, away from the house list…


“I love working for Alfresco, a great team with some wonderful clients.  We are constantly developing our skills whilst delivering the highest standards.  It allows me to thrive where the work is both interesting and challenging with some detailed intricate designs.”

Team Leader

Mike Jarvis

Mike has been with us leading a team since 2015.  With over 12 years experience installing gardens across the region, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and commitment to the team.


Mike’s passions outside of work include spending quality time with his daughter and big success in the Carp Fishing community.


“Doing this job is more than just paying the bills for me, it’s a way of life.  I get a whole world of enjoyment from it.  With the type of work we do and with the level of professionalism that we do it, this suits me down to the ground!!“

Team Leader

Mark Cuthbert

Mark joined Alfresco in 2018 as a team leader and has thrived on the larger projects he has been able to work on.


With 20 years in the industry, Mark’s commitment to customer satisfaction bares out in the incredible results he helps us achieve.


Enjoying motorsport and everything outdoors including hiking and kayaking keeps him busy when not out with us.


“I really enjoy working on the interesting and challenging projects that we have designed and see them come to life.”

Team Leader

Lucy Baynes

Lucy has been with alfresco since 2018.  Having achieved a Distinction from the British Academy of Garden Design, she has brought another level of flare, presentation and innovation to our offering.


Lucy balances her commitment to work with 2 young children and a love for outdoor pursuits.


“I can’t believe I get to do what I love every day.. and then see our ideas come to life with the teams on site.  Just Brilliant.”

Garden Designer

Phil Bunyan

Phil has been working with us since 2005.  He brings many years experience in the building industry to the table to assist with on-site problem solving.  His loyalty and commitment to getting the job done is unquestionable.


Outside of work Phil loves are his family and to go on motorcycle trike festival weekends.


“I love working outside with the team, particularly with the variety of projects we are able to undertake.”

Team Member

Lee Griffin

Lee has been with us since 2016 having had a complete career change.  Our gentle giant works away with the mindset that nothing should be a problem…


Outside of work Lee is a huge family man who tries to balance this time with his love for fishing.


“The best part of my job is seeing the drawing come to life and walking away being proud of what the team has achieved”.

Team Member

Will Allen

Will has been with us since 2016.  With a drive to make sure things are right and to do the best he can, Will remains one of our solid dependable team members.


Outside of work Will loves his football and whilst not able to play as much as he used to, we can forgive him for his support of Man Utd.


“I really enjoy transforming an old garden into one that the customer can entertain in and spend time with the family.”

Team Member

Eliot Johnson

Eliot joined us at 16 for Work Experience during his holidays at college but has become a valued and respected member of the team.  We look forward to the time he can join us full time.


Eliot’s passion for the industry is contagious.  He won the BALI student of the year at Reaseheath College in 2019 and made the top 8 in the country at the UK World Skills final in 2019.


“Working for Alfresco has helped me find my way… and there is never a day without a smile!!”

Team Member

Barry Wood

Barry is our longest serving member having been here from the start in 2005.  Now with the pressures of Grandchildren to enjoy and semi retirement to occupy his time, he is now seen during our planting phases and closing duties on projects.


Barry is a keen golfer and a firm believer that family is everything!!


“ The enjoyment for me is in good teamwork, meeting people, being in the open air and having fun whilst achieving personal and company goals.”

Team Member

Will Jones

Will has been with Alfresco since 2018 having worked in horticulture since leaving college and has thrived in the building of gardens for us. 


Will was awarded the National Young Employee/Apprentice of the Year at the 2020 Bradstone Awards underlining his abilities at a National Level.  He is undertaking the 2 year APL apprenticeship scheme whilst maintaining his daily commitment to the team.


Given the chance – sport and keeping fit are Will’s spare time interests….


“I love working for Alfresco as it allows me to create some amazing projects whilst working outside.”

Team Member

Spencer Hoppe

Spencer came to Alfresco in 2019 with incredible enthusiasm and willingness to learn.  Helping his community out with garden services since leaving college his mindset and drive has resulted in him fitting very quickly into the team.


Outside of work Spencer loves sport and socialising with friends… one day a Classic car will also be on the drive to quench his passion for motors.


“I love working for Alfresco as they look after their staff and always look to exceed the customer’s expectations… .it is very rewarding to watch the fruits of our labour transform the customer’s outdoor spaces whilst getting the chance to work outside”

Team Member

Kelly Townsend

Kelly joined us in January 2018 and manages all the work-flow behind the scenes to ensure we can be as efficient and responsive as possible on site.  A hidden heroin in our strive to always be better.


Kelly’s spare time is filled with balancing 3 young daughters, school PTA commitments and a busy social calendar….


“I love working for Alfresco because of the dedication of each team has towards the job, along with the personalisation and attention to detail shown from the top down.”

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